Skittlette flowers manicure

julij 04, 2014

Hello my lovely followers...
yeah, I'm back from Serbia and I have new manicure for you guys. Another skittlette manicure with shimmery pink Depend nail polish on my thumb and index finger, pastel gray Essence nail polish, stamp design from Konad m79 image plate, pink rhinestones on my middle, ring finger and glittery Essence nail polish over pastel gray one on pinky finger.

Depend-220: 2 coats
Essence-Got A Secret: 2 coats + Konad m79 with Essence-Inkheart (Love Letters LE) + pink rhinestones
Essence-Got A Secret: 1 coat + Essence-College Hero (Class Of 2013): 1 coat

+ Top Coat

Did you miss me? :) I had really great time in Serbia and I bought some new nail polishes and nail art stuff. I'll show them in the next post.
Hope that you like this skittlette manicure. ;)


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2 komentarji

  1. Tale Depend lakec je zeloooo lep, pa fajn se da kombinirat z sivo barvo. :)

    1. Res je, imam še takega v zelenem odtenku in sta mi oba ful všeč! :)