Skittles sailor manicure

julij 22, 2014

Hi ladies!
Hot weather and sea inspired me to create the sailor manicure. I decided to do a skittles manicure. So I used many nail polishes, image plates and rhinestones for that look but I'm really satisfied with final result.

thumb: Catrice-I'm A Survivor (Glamazona LE): 2 coats + big silver rhinestone
index finger: IBD-Carte Blanche: 2 coats + Bundle Monster BM-414 with Konad-Black + blue rhinestone
middle finger: Catrice-I'm A Survivor (Glamazona LE): 2 coats + Bundle Monster BM-407 with Star Gazer-232
ring finger: Barry M-Navy: 2 coats + Konad m79 with Konad-White 
pinky finger: IBD-Carte Blanche: 1 coat + H&M-Spark Me Up: 1 coat

+ Top Coat 

Hope that you like it! :)


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